We seek to create and consolidate a team with international professionals who know the reality of business and social in their own countries, in relation to Diversity and Inclusion.

• Who have the interest to learn about new instruments and international methodologies and incorporate them in their logical work, contributing from their learning and experiences.

• That wish to integrate a network of international management, with emphasis on the construction of a community of exchanges of value.

• Have the ability to map and convene relevant stakeholders in their countries, to be part of these networks.

• You have the skills to support advising companies in their countries.


Connecting D&I aims to make available to the consultants international community of experts, strategic partners and customers; the platform for action and the exchange of methodologies and tools; skills and networks to support the commercial management and logistics of events; and the adept technique of its network of international consulting.

If you want to be a part of this team, shares the work of your organization with us by e-mail

Fernanda Ahuile

Engineer Business and a Master's in HR of the Adolfo Ibáñez University, and Diploma course in People Analytics, with 12 years of experience in leadership positions in consulting firms and mining. Proven achievements and experience in leading projects that are associated with the Attraction of Talent, Compensation and Benefits, Diversity of Gender, Onboarding and Performance Management. In turn, the leader of initiatives transformational in HR Policies, Organizational Restructuring, Recruiting, Change Management, and Planning of Provision.

His experience leading projects of gender diversity in multinational organizations, refers to the Strategy development and Communication of projects; monitoring indicators of recruitment and alignment with all areas of the company with respect to the hiring female; design and implementation workshops of gender diversity; coordination of the participation in Programs such as the WINVEST Initiative (World Bank, with the event “The Soldier”, AngloAmerican, investment in employability of women) and the Mentor Program with a “Community of Women” (with 10 year-round programs, which in turn improves the chances of career development for the participants).

Liliana Cantu

Lienciatura in marketing and master's degree in international communication, has the Certificate of the Fundamentals of Intercultural awarded by the Institute of Intercultural Communication and is certified in several assessment tools global.

It is the founding president of SIETAR Mexico, the Society for Research and Training in Intercultural Education in their country.

Has professional experience in the fields of human resources, public relations and relocation services, and specializes in the design, translation, customization, cultural and delivery of training programs, live and virtual. His main experience for trainings and conferences are found in the fields of intercultural communication, diversity and inclusion, global leadership, communication skills, and global ethics.

He has participated in projects of diversity and inclusion, training and initiatives specific to the business environment in Mexico / Latin America for clients such as Toyota, Parker, Seguros Monterrey New York Life, Goldcorp, Unilever, Cargill, Colgate Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, John Deere and Ternium.

He has been a lecturer and member of the planning committee in several international conferences such as the Employee Relation Council, SIETAR USA and GLOBAL SIETAR, and has served on various councils global. He has also served as a college professor part-time in the most prestigious institutions in Latin america: the ITESM (commonly known as the Monterrey Tech), where he taught courses in intercultural communication to national and international students in Spanish and English.

Dew Munizaga

Senior consultant on Gender Equality, with more than 6 years of experience in the planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of programmes with a gender perspective, Diploma in HR Management with a Focus on Gender, University of Chile, and a Diploma in Gender and Equality Policies – FLACSO Uruguay. He has worked as a consultant in the implementation and certification NCh 3262:2012 for Sodexo headquarters, OTIC Proforma, Laboratories Mintlab, Superintendencia de Casinos, Kapsch Chile. He also participated in the development of the Regional strategy of D&I for the Group Socofar. Co-founder of “make Equality a Trend,” community of practice, and podcasts.

Certified as an Agent of Equality (SERNAMEG, 2017) and as an Internal Auditor NCh 3262:201; Audit System Integrated ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Ruben Becerra

Senior consultant on diversity and inclusion (D&I) , a Master degree in social inclusion of persons in a situation of disability policy (Csdp) and a specialist in Ergonomics and Occupational Health, has more than 5 years of experience in the area of labour inclusion of people with disabilities to lead processes of organisational diagnosis, training and intermediation of Esdp in companies and public institutions at the national level, such as: CODELCO, Banco Santander, Metro de Santiago, University of Santo Tomas, among others. He also served as the headquarters for the services of job Evaluation for qualification of occupational diseases (Circular nº3268, SUSESO) and assisted in the survey of occupational risks in Esdp during 2019, with the organization of ibero-american Social Security (OISS) in Spain.

Agent of Equality of the Program of Good Labour Practices in the NCH3262:2012, "Gender Equality and work-Life balance, Personal and Family" and currently serves as teacher of the subject of Occupational Health and Ergonomics for the race of Kinesiology and is part of the Committee on Inclusion in the workplace (CIL) of SOFOFA.

Duncan Smith

Founder and director of Australian Diversity Consultants. As a consultant, educator, facilitator and coach who specializes in helping leaders to build trust, maintain a conversation, challenging, decision-making more inclusive, team-building high-functioning, using the power of diversity to solve problems and build working relationships stronger. His clients include many multinational companies, as well as local governments, state and national government in 24 countries in 4 continents.

Duncan holds a bachelor's degree in comparative religion and a master's degree in education from the University of Harvard, which focuses on organizational behavior and adult learning.

It has also been trained in multiple methods of Instructional Design and Active Learning. A member of the Panel of Experts of Global Inclusion and Diversity Benchmarks since 2011, in 2018 he published the book Foundations of Diversity.