Connecting To Exchange

We seek to connect people, businesses, organizations and institutions around the world, favoring the exchange of experiences, methodologies and tools to support the effective management of D&I within their organizations. We coordinate the visit of experts from international, to share face-to-face on their knowledge and experiences.


Connecting Learning

We seek to connect knowledge and methodologies successful international with the organizations of the region, favoring the learning set of the best solutions to meet the challenges of the D&I. Develop and deliver courses face-to-face and online workshops, webinars, podcasts, talks, and others, to promote collective learning with different people and organizations concerned.


Connecting Knowledge

We seek to connect Research centres and Universities in National and International organizations, publicizing and promoting the development of innovative initiatives to generate knowledge in the field of Diversity and Inclusion.

We have created this “Diversografía” an unprecedented study that will enable the design of the Map of the D&I in the region, from the voluntary cooperation, free of charge, confidential, and statistically anonymous, organizations that want to apply the GDIB from our platform.


Connecting Groups

We seek to connect business groups, trade unions, industrial sectors and groups of organizationswith their peers in the rest of the world, recognizing common opportunities and collective learning in the comparative experience, giving insight into the best practices and promoting the development of new practices in the region.