Director of the Connecting D&I participated as an expert panelist of the GDEIB in the process of Global Certification

HR Metrics, the organization of origin of pakistan, made the new version of the certification process for experts in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the global level.

Our Associate Director, Alejandra Gonzalez, took part last June 08, in the version 2021 certification program directed by the consultant pakistani HR metrics dedicated to the training and consultancy in human resource management.

The program is addressed to those who wish to certify competence in diversity, equity and inclusion, is based on the model of the GDEIB developed by The Centre for Global Inclusion in the united States and which Zahid Mubarik, CEO of HR Metrics, is a member of the directory.

The program has a total of 15 sessions, each dedicated to one of the categories that evaluates the GDEIB. Alejandra, an expert panelist for the most recent version of the instrument, participated in the facilitation of the Category 12: Community, Government Relations and Philanthropy, session in which he shared with the attendees of the program, different experiences, and key criteria to work with communities using the approach of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a base.